About Us

We are Iranians inside and outside of Iran, civil organizations and Iranian political parties who have gathered to demands our rights and to perform our duties to achieve democracy in Iran.

The legend of Simorgh
Simorgh is a legendary bird in Iranian mythology that has magical power. Attar, the renown Iranian philosopher said, when the birds reach to the Qaf Mountain in search of the Simorgh, they realize that the Simorgh is actually them.

It is stated in the Shahnameh that Simorgh gave three of her feathers to Zal and asked him to set fire to one of them in a time of distress and darkness so that Simorgh would appear and help him. In some incidents, two Simorgh feathers were set on fire by Zal and Rostam.

But Ferdowsi, the great Iranian poet perhaps deliberately, did not specify the fate of the third part in the Shahnameh and leaves it to us as a legacy.

Now the people of Iran have set fire to the third feather in one of the darkest and blackest periods in the history of this ancient country and now the legendary Simorgh is here! In the existence of me and you and all of us, the nation of Iran! Simorgh is the Iranian nation!